Dog days

So we have this puppy…Ok we got her late April. Love her to death. I am not a dog person so it has been an interesting ride getting used to her. The kids? They adore her. We already have the most awesome cat in the world that I have had for close to ten years. She is also getting used to the dog. Since Zoey (the puppy) is only seven months the cat has been taking it easy on her. Umm…except the time she scratched Zoey across the face and splattered blood around the house like a scene from the movie 300. Ah yes that was insane.

There is something that I really would love to know… why Zoey loves to jump on my bed right after she has wallowed in the mud??? Can anyone answer this for me? Why? I mean isn’t there another place she could do this say the kitchen floor?

So you might be wondering why the picture with the dog in the tub? Actually, that’s not my dog but since I didn’t have a picture of her I am using this one in its place.  The reason for it is that there seems to be another mystery about Zoey that is unsolved at the present. It’s quite funny that after having a bath she runs in circle 8’s and has to jump on every bed in the house as if she is doing some sort of jig to say “Thanks, I am clean!”. Maybe?  Entertaining as it is I am a bit annoyed cuz #1 shes wet, #2 she is messing up the beds and #3 I really can’t stand the kids jumping on the beds no less the dog.  Aye why not close the doors you ask? Well the doors do not lock or stay in the closed position for some reason. She is able to push the door open and go hog wild.

Ok so I feel a bit better now that I got that off my chest. 😀

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