While Hurricane Alex is not hitting us head on we are still getting the rain and wind. Since last night its been funky outside. What do I mean by funky? If you live in Houston then you know what I mean but for those who do not it means that the humidity along with steaminess and heat make it a wonderfully disgusting day.

This is a reminder that I need to start preparing for the season. When the start of the season occured I had my hurricane preapredness chart hanging on the wall. I was determined to be preapred this year. We left when Hurricane Ike hit and when we returned we still had electricity and water when everyone else the city was in need. Our apartment complex was hit but those who stayed said the lights went out for about four hours then came back on. My family came to stay with us for three days until their power came on. We stopped by their house and it was a miserable sight. No AC! No water! They were dirty and sticky and unhappy. So it was a beautiful thing for all seven of them to come get clean and cool to stay in our two bedroom apartment.

Yes we ran from Ike the same as we had run from Rita. We rode on the contra flow lanes on I-10 trying to get out of the city. That adventure itself was a whole nother post. We experienced the worst and best in people as everyone was trying to make it somewhere.

So I will prepare this year for the worst. Even if the “the worst” does not materialize we will still be ready.

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