New stuff

Wow so much happened in the time that I have been gone! I have made it my aim to write here at least once a day. I mean isn’t that the point of a blog? Well, of course, it is you may say. I agree with you.

So my husband and I have decided to move the family to Bedias, TX. Why? Well we have found that during recent visits with our very dear friends there, that we wanted to live simply. A lot of things are happening in the city and there is so much stress! Every day we fight traffic. I mean a trip that is one mile can take 45 minutes or more where we live! Since hubby does outside sales he fights traffic every day. We feel like fish stuck in a dirty fishbowl. You know what I am talking about. When a fish tank is polluted and there are other “bully” fish that terrorize little fish. Yeah, I think of a fishbowl like that.

So we are ready for a change. To simplify and do a great work. That means we will have to change congregations and start all over with the friend making process but that’s not too much of a concern. We have not found any unloving congregations.

Now the kids are preparing mentally and hubby and I are preparing financially as well as mentally. We know it will be a great decision. Oh my goodness I will be a country gurl! Let me put my boots on.

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