Another doggy tale


Did I tell you we were fostering a puppy for a shelter?  I mentioned in an earlier post that we adopted Zoey from a shelter and it turned out that her bother needed a place to crash for sometime as well. It would have been nice to keep him but he was a lot of work.  While Zoey accepted us right away and became our little baby. Bogey on the other hand was like a troubled kid. Seriously he would not warm up to me or follow commands. To a degree I understood the poor little guy.

 His attitude made it extremely difficult to deal with three kids and two dogs at one time. My last straw was when he growled at me for trying to stop him from getting into the garbage. Thankfully the shelter sent in the dog trainer and showed me a few tricks. How thankful I was! She showed me what I did wrong when confronting him about the garbage. So I felt better to learn that I had made a mistake and there was a way to fix it. After that he was so much easier to handle even though I could see that he would periodically eye me up and down to see if I was really serious enough to make him follow a command. I stuck with it and am officially a dog whisperer. Ok, so, not that advanced but now I know that basics of training a dog to respect your position as alpha! From then on he had his ears and tail down when he apporached me and always looked to me to tell him what to do.  In turn Zoey has been much easier to deal with as well. Now Bogey has been adopted into a great family. I wish him all the best.

That was my goal for Bogey used to kids, rules, and love that a family could offer. It would be a shame for him to be bounced around because no one ever took the time to teach him those things. I have gone from someone who did not like dogs to being a person who really is in love with them. It took little Zoey and Bogey to teach me that dogs are not mindless little creatures who are subject to impulses. They think and feel and can form strong attachments with the people who love them that they sometimes will give their life to protect the people they love.

Adopt a pet or foster one if you can at one of your local shelters! It is a rewarding experience.

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