The clothesline

In an effort to cut back on the electricity bill I have decided to construct a clothesline. I put up to lines in the back yard yesterday. I have dried the jeans and other heavy articles of clothes out there and dedicates. By delicate I mean dresses and dress pant, stuff like that.  I have tried this before but it never worked out and I am back at it again.

I hate the crusty feeling jeans get when they dry outside or the funky smell the clothes get.  Think you have to live in the country to get that fresh scent? Not necessarily!  So if you are like me and feel the same way take heart! I have a few tips that I have tried and others have given me in the past couple of days that have proved succesful:

  • For the crunchy jeans or towels throw them in the dryer on air fluff for 10  minutes to soften them up after they have been on the line.
  • Hang the clothes upside down so they won’t get stretched out.
  • Don’t let the clothes hang outside too long that way they wont smell bad.
  • Hang your colored clothes inside out to prevent the sun from fading them.
  • If the label says lay flat to dry follow that rule. Otherwise the result of having it could be disastrous. (Trust me I know)

So know you can refer to your new clothesline as a solar dryer! It’s true!

Have some suggestions to share? Comment below.

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