A new job


I started a new job back in late April! Yes! I had spent about 10 months without a place to turn in my eight for the day. Well not counting the two hours I spend in traffic everyday. So far its going well. The kids are about to start school soon and the added stress of preparing them for in the mornings will be something I will once gain need to get used too.  I’ts not bad seeing that they get to get out of the house and socialize a bit more. Anyway, this post is supposed to be about my new job right? Well, its going great. I’m learning quite a bit and hope to move up the ladder. Losing my last job was pretty devastating as I was so sure I would nail it and stick around for a while. It took me months to recover from the loss and the things I thought I had lost in the way of my career. Now I’m convinced that I’m in a way better place. My aunt works for the company as well and has been there for a few years. It isn’t so bad working with family.  As I continue working here I hope that things get better. For now I’m answering phones and paying my dues. Soon it will on to bigger and better things!


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