So Long

It’s been so long since I’ve logged into this here blog. Thought about using it a bit more but I can’t seem to find the time. My last post was in April 2013 and at that time things seemed to be going OK for me. In September of 2014 lots of things started going down hill for me. The biggest most devastating event was the loss of my 29 year old sister. I never knew how much I took our relationship for granted. There were so many little things that she and I giggled over that no one else seemed to understand. Silly texts and swapping stories of our childrens accomplishments are sorely missed. During that chaotic time I started a new job, moved and reinvented my Etsy shop. I took time off from the shop when my sister passed because I couldn’t find inspiration. Now I have learned how to deal with my grief and channel it in a positive way it’s easier to be happy. I find a lot comfort in spending time with her kids who look and sound so much like her. A

Perhaps I may log on in the near future, or it might be another year. Not sure at this point.


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