What A Year

Last year our family went through a very trying time. I quit my job due to an unbelievable amounts of stress. I figured I’d look for another one and move on. We didn’t expect for my husband to get laid off the very next month.

Not having a job is scary but when both working adults in the house are unemployed it can be a nightmare.

We both spent an entire year without a job despite diligently searching and working with our local unemployment office. There was just nothing available in our fields. We both had a couple interviews here and there but nothing was working out.

Since we homeschool, we did not have the added expense of buying school supplies and clothes. We did however have to keep a roof over our heads , food and internet for schooling.

Our kids are in their teens and thankfully they’re growing to be very thoughtful and understanding people. It really helped that they did not make unreasonable demands were asked for things that was out of our reach at the time.

We slowly recovered thanks to friends and family. And we both eventually got jobs in November how funny is that?

An entire year went by where we had to severely restrict the amount of fun we had field trips and other family outing we thought 2020 was going to be our year.

Enter Covid-19. While this has not affected my immediate family my mother was exposed due to her job and healthcare and although her case was mild it was very scary. Almost feeling helpless that there’s not much you can do from a distance. She has recovered since and is doing well.

We are all currently on lock-down which means again or freedoms are restricted. The kids long to go to the beach to the museum’s movie theaters and shopping. These are all things we took for granted until this disease started to rear its ugly head and now has the world and its monsterous grip.

It’s a terrible feeling knowing people are dying from this disease and many of us are struggling with the different aspects of the consequences of this disease. My heart does go out to those who’ve lost family members and those who are struggling to recover.

I most definitely can understand the financial impact that this is having on a lot of families. Mainly due to us not working an entire year last year and the anxieties and struggles that come with that.

I can only say that I hope that this pandemic well soon die down and people can start to feel safe and go back to work and their daily lives. to our family it seems as though we have been restricted for longer than just these couple of months due to the virus.

No worries we are safe we are happy and we are doing all we can to slow the spread of the virus by staying on lock down. I’m very grateful to all of my friends and family who keep in touch through video chat and text messaging and social media.

I hope all of you who are reading this keep your head up. Bad times never last. Stay positive and stay safe!

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