Get Out There And Live List

This list began on December 1, 2016. These won’t be in any particular order.

      1.  See a live baby sea turtle 02-16-2017
      2. Visit Sea Turtle South Padre Island Texas.
      3. Visit the Buffalo Soldiers Museum in Houston.
      4. Have dinner in four different cities and document
      5. Take a picture with the Hollywood sign
      6. Throw a surprise party for my kids 07-15-2017
      7. A weekend getaway with my husband
      8. Spend the night on a beach.
      9. Start an herb garden
      10. Snowboard
      11. Visit Wyoming
      12. Space Center Houston
      13. Attend an Astros game in another city
      14. French Quarter in Louisana
      15. Holocaust Museum in Houston
      16. Go to the Rodeo in Houston and stay for the whole program
      17. Water Wall in the Galleria in Houston with the kids
      18. Bayou Bend Collection and Garden in Houston
      19. Glenwood Cemetery in Houston
      20. 1940 Air Terminal Museum in Houston
      21. Beer Can House in Houston.
      22. Rienzi Museum in Houston.
      23. Bake a cake from scratch
      24. Underground Tunnels in Houston
      25. Feed a Giraffe
      26. George Observatory in Houston.
      27. Spend the day and night at Kemah
      28. Spend a weekend in Corpus Christi
      29. Go to Hawaii
      30. Hold a baby alligator/crocodile
      31. Have a picnic
      32. Hug a Redwood
      33. Visit Graceland
      34. Bluebonnet Trail in Ennis
      35. Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site in El Paso
      36. Visit Marfa
      37. Travel to New York
      38. San Antonio
      39. Visit Smithsonian
      40. Swim near or touch a whale
      41. The Alamo
      42. Go fishing
      43. Try Ethiopian food
      44. Watch a Caterpillar Turn into a Butterfly
      45. Six Flags Fiesta Texas
      46. Palo Duro Canyon
      47. Big Bend National Park
      48. Cook through an entire cookbook
      49. Make a candle
      50. Visit the Texas State Capitol  01-07-2016
      51. See Northern Lights
      52. Learn to start a fire
      53. Geocaching  01-26-2017
      54. Visit Greece
      55. Take a trip with my sister
      56. Start my own business and maintain it
      57. Visit Montana
      58. Take surfing lessons
      59. See the Grand Canyon 03-18-2017
      60. Go on a cruise
      61. Swim With Manatee
      62. Legoland Florida
      63. Teach the kids how to sew on a button
      64. Hold a plank for one minute
      65. Crochet a baby blanket
      66. Become an early riser
      67. Visit Australia
      68. Take the kids on an Amtrak train
      69. Walk the Great Wall of China
      70. Yellowstone National Park
      71. Send a message in a bottle
      72. Try 10 new restaurants
      73. Drink only water for a week
      74. Become a runner
      75. Visit Arizona 03-17-2017
      76. Mesa Verde Colorado
      77. Learn to Fence
      78. Read the whole bible in one year
      79. Own a great camera I bought a camera for my Road Trip Nikon Coolpix B500 is amazing!
      80. Learn more Sign Language
      81. Take the kids to a concert
      82. Stay at a five-star resort
      83. Visit the Dead Sea
      84. Take an Improv class
      85. Write a book and publish it
      86. Visit a Drive-In theater in Houston
      87. Build a big Lego set
      88. Get in shape
      89. Dinosaur Valley State Park Texas
      90. Sanibel & Captiva Islands Florida
      91. Petrified Forest Arizona
      92. Wax Museum
      93. Yosemite Park
      94. Have a professional Photoshoot
      95. Dress up for a Comicon
      96. Whale Watch
      97. Photograph Native American Pow Wow
      98. Act in a play
      99. Sing Karaoke duet with a friend
      100. Watch a Sunrise and Sunset on the same day
      101. Visit and document all 50 States
        Arizona, New Mexico, Texas 03-17-2017

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