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You know the bright lights, smoke, screaming girls, crowd surfing and drunk people who bless every concert? It was all there on January 26, 2011 when I attended the 30 Seconds to Mars concert at the Verizon Wireless Theater in downtown Houston. Despite the above mentioned it was a great show! I had seen 30stm before in Decemeber of ’09 and at that time I loved it! There was not as many people there and the performance was more intimate. My sister Brittany and I went to show in ’09 but we wanted to take Tonya but she had just had her baby. I can tell you though, that if Tonya had it her way that little baby would have been strapped into a sling and his first concert would have been that night.

By the way I did not mention that my sister has been in love with Jared Leto since she was 8 years old? It makes me laugh when I think back to the old days when we shared a room. Frequently I would buy those teeny bopper magazines and tear out all my favorite “crushes” and staple them to my wall. Jared Leto would be the only one I would leave attached to the book. He just was not my type. My sister noticed this atrocity and nearly had a heart attack.
“What are you doing?” She yelled at me one time as she picked up the magazine from the floor. Puzzled I looked at her and asked what she meant. “This guy is so cute.” She tore the picture out and placed it on the wall above her bed. I would have to look at it every time I walked into the room.

So I was very, very happy when I could take her to this concert. Being a fan of the band, I think that this is a rare instance when an Actor turned Musician really knows what he is doing. Give credit where credit is due. This also happened to be my sister in law’s first concert ever. needless to say all who went had a blast! It was a great show and not one I will forget.

The clothesline

In an effort to cut back on the electricity bill I have decided to construct a clothesline. I put up to lines in the back yard yesterday. I have dried the jeans and other heavy articles of clothes out there and dedicates. By delicate I mean dresses and dress pant, stuff like that.  I have tried this before but it never worked out and I am back at it again.

I hate the crusty feeling jeans get when they dry outside or the funky smell the clothes get.  Think you have to live in the country to get that fresh scent? Not necessarily!  So if you are like me and feel the same way take heart! I have a few tips that I have tried and others have given me in the past couple of days that have proved succesful:

  • For the crunchy jeans or towels throw them in the dryer on air fluff for 10  minutes to soften them up after they have been on the line.
  • Hang the clothes upside down so they won’t get stretched out.
  • Don’t let the clothes hang outside too long that way they wont smell bad.
  • Hang your colored clothes inside out to prevent the sun from fading them.
  • If the label says lay flat to dry follow that rule. Otherwise the result of having it could be disastrous. (Trust me I know)

So know you can refer to your new clothesline as a solar dryer! It’s true!

Have some suggestions to share? Comment below.


Did I tell you we were fostering a puppy for a shelter?  I mentioned in an earlier post that we adopted Zoey from a shelter and it turned out that her bother needed a place to crash for sometime as well. It would have been nice to keep him but he was a lot of work.  While Zoey accepted us right away and became our little baby. Bogey on the other hand was like a troubled kid. Seriously he would not warm up to me or follow commands. To a degree I understood the poor little guy.

 His attitude made it extremely difficult to deal with three kids and two dogs at one time. My last straw was when he growled at me for trying to stop him from getting into the garbage. Thankfully the shelter sent in the dog trainer and showed me a few tricks. How thankful I was! She showed me what I did wrong when confronting him about the garbage. So I felt better to learn that I had made a mistake and there was a way to fix it. After that he was so much easier to handle even though I could see that he would periodically eye me up and down to see if I was really serious enough to make him follow a command. I stuck with it and am officially a dog whisperer. Ok, so, not that advanced but now I know that basics of training a dog to respect your position as alpha! From then on he had his ears and tail down when he apporached me and always looked to me to tell him what to do.  In turn Zoey has been much easier to deal with as well. Now Bogey has been adopted into a great family. I wish him all the best.

That was my goal for Bogey used to kids, rules, and love that a family could offer. It would be a shame for him to be bounced around because no one ever took the time to teach him those things. I have gone from someone who did not like dogs to being a person who really is in love with them. It took little Zoey and Bogey to teach me that dogs are not mindless little creatures who are subject to impulses. They think and feel and can form strong attachments with the people who love them that they sometimes will give their life to protect the people they love.

Adopt a pet or foster one if you can at one of your local shelters! It is a rewarding experience.

Wow so much happened in the time that I have been gone! I have made it my aim to write here at least once a day. I mean isn’t that the point of a blog? Well, of course, it is you may say. I agree with you.

So my husband and I have decided to move the family to Bedias, TX. Why? Well we have found that during recent visits with our very dear friends there, that we wanted to live simply. A lot of things are happening in the city and there is so much stress! Every day we fight traffic. I mean a trip that is one mile can take 45 minutes or more where we live! Since hubby does outside sales he fights traffic every day. We feel like fish stuck in a dirty fishbowl. You know what I am talking about. When a fish tank is polluted and there are other “bully” fish that terrorize little fish. Yeah, I think of a fishbowl like that.

So we are ready for a change. To simplify and do a great work. That means we will have to change congregations and start all over with the friend making process but that’s not too much of a concern. We have not found any unloving congregations.

Now the kids are preparing mentally and hubby and I are preparing financially as well as mentally. We know it will be a great decision. Oh my goodness I will be a country gurl! Let me put my boots on.

While Hurricane Alex is not hitting us head on we are still getting the rain and wind. Since last night its been funky outside. What do I mean by funky? If you live in Houston then you know what I mean but for those who do not it means that the humidity along with steaminess and heat make it a wonderfully disgusting day.

This is a reminder that I need to start preparing for the season. When the start of the season occured I had my hurricane preapredness chart hanging on the wall. I was determined to be preapred this year. We left when Hurricane Ike hit and when we returned we still had electricity and water when everyone else the city was in need. Our apartment complex was hit but those who stayed said the lights went out for about four hours then came back on. My family came to stay with us for three days until their power came on. We stopped by their house and it was a miserable sight. No AC! No water! They were dirty and sticky and unhappy. So it was a beautiful thing for all seven of them to come get clean and cool to stay in our two bedroom apartment.

Yes we ran from Ike the same as we had run from Rita. We rode on the contra flow lanes on I-10 trying to get out of the city. That adventure itself was a whole nother post. We experienced the worst and best in people as everyone was trying to make it somewhere.

So I will prepare this year for the worst. Even if the “the worst” does not materialize we will still be ready.

So we have this puppy…Ok we got her late April. Love her to death. I am not a dog person so it has been an interesting ride getting used to her. The kids? They adore her. We already have the most awesome cat in the world that I have had for close to ten years. She is also getting used to the dog. Since Zoey (the puppy) is only seven months the cat has been taking it easy on her. Umm…except the time she scratched Zoey across the face and splattered blood around the house like a scene from the movie 300. Ah yes that was insane.

There is something that I really would love to know… why Zoey loves to jump on my bed right after she has wallowed in the mud??? Can anyone answer this for me? Why? I mean isn’t there another place she could do this say the kitchen floor?

So you might be wondering why the picture with the dog in the tub? Actually, that’s not my dog but since I didn’t have a picture of her I am using this one in its place.  The reason for it is that there seems to be another mystery about Zoey that is unsolved at the present. It’s quite funny that after having a bath she runs in circle 8’s and has to jump on every bed in the house as if she is doing some sort of jig to say “Thanks, I am clean!”. Maybe?  Entertaining as it is I am a bit annoyed cuz #1 shes wet, #2 she is messing up the beds and #3 I really can’t stand the kids jumping on the beds no less the dog.  Aye why not close the doors you ask? Well the doors do not lock or stay in the closed position for some reason. She is able to push the door open and go hog wild.

Ok so I feel a bit better now that I got that off my chest. 😀

Wow summers in Houston never fail to amaze me! It is one thing to be hot but quite another when the steam is thrown in. Ugh! Dark gray clouds are rolling in right now and fat drops of rain are slamming my sunflowers. As for me and my kids we are staying indoors. I think I’ll get a popsicle right now!


This is my first entry. Plain and simple. Mainly you will read about my daily activities with my kids and random incidents I encounter in daily life.  My children are Bri, Deeni, and Cicio* Bri is five years old and Deeni and Cicio are 3-year-old twins. So if you are interested check back everyday to see what new stuff happens. Also feel free to make comments and share if you have had similar experiences. Ciao!