Eclipse 2017

The kids and I have been eagerly awaiting the eclipse that was to happen here in North America. Today was the day and we were not prepared!

(The featured photo is from NASA. The link is below)

Since we live in Texas, visibility was only at sixty percent so we knew it would not be a huge difference. We did however, notice the sky had changed and it looked a bit like early evening.

Unfortunately, we did not have viewing glasses and I never got around to making the eclipse viewer with the kids. ( Yeah I know :/)

We did go outside and try to look up at the sun but like I said without the glasses to cancel out the surrounding light it was disappointing. It was still nice to go out and experience the light change in the middle of the day. Another thing I noticed it was also not as blazing hot outside for the middle of the day.

Here are our pictures:


IMG_20170821_132251 (1)
This photo was taken at 1:16 p.m. The sun was still pretty bright. 
A view without a filter. The lighting outside was a bit darker as you can probably tell from the color of the tree.  This photo was taken at 1:25 p.m.
A friend of mine was able to capture this photo from Houston.  Photo Credit: Olya Valyan

Here is the link to the site for NASA. You can see more photos of the eclipse and get more information.

The next eclipse will be in April 8, 2024 and here in Texas we will have greater visibility.

Were you able to see the eclipse? Share your experience below.

OMG! LOL! A Surprise Emoji Party!

Well, I did it! I threw a surprise party for the kids.  This was on my life list!

It was a real challenge to keep my mouth closed.

One night while the kids were upstairs they overheard me talking to a friend about the party and they immediately came downstairs to ask me about it. I was so upset that I let it slip so I told my husband about how I failed to keep quiet.

He came up with a solution that we would tell the kids that something came up and we needed to push the party back. It was a genius idea!

In order to make time to decorate I asked my mom to keep the kids overnight so I could set up without them noticing.

Before I got started my husband bought me a great dinner from one of my favorite seafood restaurants! We got to enjoy a meal with peace and quiet!

After that much needed meal I had the energy needed to get decorating!


The first project I worked on was the Instagram frame for the photos!

This was a big hit!

I originally wanted to buy this pre-made but I wasn’t able to so I thought to make my own.

Materials Used:

  • Foam Poster Board
  • Exacto knife
  • Foam Sheets in White, Red, Gray and Blue
  • Foam letters
  • Printer to print out photos and text
  • Instagram reference photo

Instagram Frame

I used tablecloths from the Dollar store to make the backdrop. The emojis are napkins because I wanted to save time. If you scroll down a little bit you can see the plates I turned into emojis for the food table backdrop. I intended on making a bunch of those but I was short on time.

We had meatballs, hot dogs, ham and cheese sliders, veggies trays, mashed potato bombs, cupcakes and chips and salsa. Perfect finger foods for kids on the go!

Emoji 1
Candy Table with the Poop Emoji Pool Float
Candy table
Emoji 2
The table before I added the food.
I made this sign for the food table
My son likes to send this emoji to me because Koalas are his favorite. I thought it would be fun to make this for him.
We love to play the game Portal so I thought this would be a funny joke for my kids. They loved it!


Here are some pictures from the party.


My parents with the grandkids. We are missing one who is five months old.




So Long

It’s been so long since I’ve logged into this here blog. Thought about using it a bit more but I can’t seem to find the time. My last post was in April 2013 and at that time things seemed to be going OK for me. In September of 2014 lots of things started going down hill for me. The biggest most devastating event was the loss of my 29 year old sister. I never knew how much I took our relationship for granted. There were so many little things that she and I giggled over that no one else seemed to understand. Silly texts and swapping stories of our childrens accomplishments are sorely missed. During that chaotic time I started a new job, moved and reinvented my Etsy shop. I took time off from the shop when my sister passed because I couldn’t find inspiration. Now I have learned how to deal with my grief and channel it in a positive way it’s easier to be happy. I find a lot comfort in spending time with her kids who look and sound so much like her. A

Perhaps I may log on in the near future, or it might be another year. Not sure at this point.


A new job


I started a new job back in late April! Yes! I had spent about 10 months without a place to turn in my eight for the day. Well not counting the two hours I spend in traffic everyday. So far its going well. The kids are about to start school soon and the added stress of preparing them for in the mornings will be something I will once gain need to get used too.  I’ts not bad seeing that they get to get out of the house and socialize a bit more. Anyway, this post is supposed to be about my new job right? Well, its going great. I’m learning quite a bit and hope to move up the ladder. Losing my last job was pretty devastating as I was so sure I would nail it and stick around for a while. It took me months to recover from the loss and the things I thought I had lost in the way of my career. Now I’m convinced that I’m in a way better place. My aunt works for the company as well and has been there for a few years. It isn’t so bad working with family.  As I continue working here I hope that things get better. For now I’m answering phones and paying my dues. Soon it will on to bigger and better things!



One word in that title…Meh. Is that a word really? Well, anyway thats how I feel right now. I am at a crossroad in life right now. No, not because I just turned 31 and am going through some sort of crisis. It’s mainly because I have realized that if you want something done you have to do it yourself.


For the most part its true. Relying on others to lend a helping hand or even be there when the promised they would and having them fail you each time gets kinda old. Well…no…it does GET old there isn’t anything kinda about it. I have not finished many things in my life and now I think its high time to start getting stuff done. PERIOD. Ok so where do I start? I have a bunch of things in mind (hence the crossroad) but I think I will be able to figure it out. Stop worrying about what other people think and take charge. I am afraid of taking the wrong path but the picture posted doesn’t have gray skies, just sunny and blue. It reminds me of the choices I have to make. They are not bad choices in themselves I think I’m just worried about picking the right one. There is just no way of telling.


Can I do it?




I can do it?




Will I do it?




Should I do it?









Yes! I can, will and should!



Just a quick post today about wanting to get back into learing how to play the guitar. A great friend of mine taught me a few basic things about it and I caught on quickly. Since she moved away to another state I have not had anyone else to teach me nor have I made the time. Also I usually relied on others to let me borrow their guitar since I was not sure if I invested in one it would be worth it. But like all nagging things in the back of your mind they just wont go away until you actually take the time to do them. So I am giving this another shot! I have found and electric guitar and amp that my sister is giving me and I am definitely going to learn  this time. Wish me well!