This Stranger's Life

Fall Scavenger Hunt

The kids and I finally got around to doing that scavenger hunt we planned for back in October.     In many places, the weather is still warm, so there is still time to go out and play… Read More

Autumn Fun List

Two Summers ago the kids and I made a Summer Life List and we had a blast with it. The list served a few purposes: It forced us to get out of the house and into the sunshine…. Read More

Starfish Gazing

During this week in Science class the kids have been learning about invertebrates. Think back really hard to your school days and remember what an invertebrate is. Can’t remember…well here I will help you!   Definition of an Invertebrate as… Read More

Sea Turtle Field Trip

  This week in science class,the kids learned about the seven species of Sea Turtles. As a special treat we went on a field trip to the NOAA Fisheries Sea Turtle Research Lab in Galveston Texas to learn… Read More

Homeschool Supplies

You might think it would cost an arm and a leg to buy supplies for your homeschool. That is not necessarily the case. You likely have a few items around your house that could be re-purposed. Keep things… Read More