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I have noticed that there are not many homeschool blogs dedicated to talking about routines and learning strategies for older kids. Our family started homeschooling when the twins were transitioning from public school out of third grade and… Read More

Year Three Begins

The Summer was full of fun and a lot of relaxation. Recently, our daily home routine underwent a bit of change when I returned to work. It was a necessary move for the good of the family and… Read More

Staying Busy Over Summer Break

The kids have been enjoying their summer break and honestly so am I. This school year had some bumps in the road but we were able to pull through. We appreciate this break! Since the beginning of the… Read More

Fall Scavenger Hunt

The kids and I finally got around to doing that scavenger hunt we planned for back in October.     In many places, the weather is still warm, so there is still time to go out and play… Read More

Pizza Muffins

Originally posted on In Dianes Kitchen:
These Pizza Muffins make a great grab and go snack or a meal! I made these as a meal with the Grandkids but my husband is the one that loved them the…

Having It All Together

As a new homeschool mom, I am constantly bombarded with questions about how the kids are getting a proper education. In the past, I would immediately put my guard up because it felt like an attack on my personal ability to… Read More

Being Present Doesn’t Mean You’re There

My children have been asking me to spend more time with them more recently. I thought this was an odd request due to the fact that we are always around each other. Choosing to be a stay at… Read More

School’s Out For Summer But Not Foreva

That’s right! School is out! We get to be lazy and lounge around the house. Who doesn’t like that?! When we started the school year, as a family we agreed that our homeschool structure would be year round…. Read More

Done! On To The Next One!

We began our first year of homeschool in August of 2016. It has been an incredible ride! There have been many ups, downs, good days and bad days. I always wanted to homeschool. However, many people were telling… Read More


I have not written a post in a little while. We have been really busy but I have been sick as well. This is our first year homeschooling and it has been a wild ride. I plan on… Read More

Starfish Gazing

During this week in Science class the kids have been learning about invertebrates. Think back really hard to your school days and remember what an invertebrate is. Can’t remember…well here I will help you!   Definition of an Invertebrate as… Read More

A Little Motivation Goes A Long Way

We all need a bit of motivation or incentive when it comes to boring or mundane tasks. Let’s face it, no one and I mean no one likes to do chores. As parents we often have to be… Read More