Photography Class



As a home schooling mom, I try to come up with exciting and interesting activities outside of core subjects that the kids will enjoy. I like to think of our style as a mix of unschooling with a few basic structure subjects. It might sound odd but it definitely works for us.

We like to spend time outdoors and homeschooling allows for just that. Yesterday we took a trip to the Japanese Gardens at Hermann Park. The kids assignment was to take one photo of a tree, water, a flower or an animal. They took these photos with their cell phones since we do not have a great camera.

Later, when we arrived at home they did some editing and touch ups. My son was totally against editing his photos. He felt that if he took the photo then he wanted it to stay pure. I respected his decision but also told him that he could make minor touch ups to enhance the photo. He agreed but only made minimal edits.


Audrey’s Photos

Brianna’s Photos

Mavrizio’s Photos


I love how we all went to the same place and yet they captured different photos.

They had so much fun taking the photos and editing them. We hope you enjoy them!